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It has be brought to our attention that our Tailgate Café brand name is being used; not by one, but a few people—fraudulently plagiarizing from our hard work, our products, our foods, our global reputation and our recognition as a diverse and unique Café in Canada.

Our main concern, and fear is our client’s health and safety—the food products being made and sold by people who may, or not be subjected to food health inspections, and if they are trained to handle food; in the kitchen; to the public. or even know how to cook? Another major concern is our small leathergoods products, and motorcycle seats being sold as our work. We don’t mind web forums (groups) or business using our photographs to show to their clients the work we do—it’s good business.

We want to let you, and everyone out there to be aware of “Catfish People” folks pretending to be us “Tailgate Café”—trying to fake our products and services.

We do not have Tailgate Café franchises, nor do we have any type of Tailgate Café affiliation with anyone, business, government agency, or with any of the people (listed below). We are a family run business consisting of my wife and myself; close friends and business associates—established in 2000 in Ontario, Canada.

Identity Theft—is by whom, who have no real talent nor marketable skills and have become contractile cells (a form of social pericyte) …which is why they steel identities.

Our new 2017 Logo
Our new 2017 Logo

Foods: Our family crêpe batter recipe is par to those made in Brittany, France. All our ingredients are sourced daily from local growers and farmer markets and is prepared using home-made, stone–ground spice mixtures. All foods are made with attention to timings, personal hygiene, sanitized equipment and environment. Everything we make, we keep samples, ingredient listings with their sources—frozen for 14 days… in a nutshell; we take your health and safety very seriously.

Products: As a former Rolls-Royce and Bentley coachtrimmer, and an expert in high-end handbags and small leathergoods repairs and refurbishment. I can make Hermès bags, Louis Vuitton products, to name a few brands and emboss their brand names on what I make—and get away with it. Besides the legal aspects of doing this; this is not my goal, I have my own luxury label “Felbert” to make for, and enjoy seeing each article being enjoyed by my clients.

We own and operate under the following URLs: http://tailgate.cafe and http://tailgatecafe.com 

We, Mihály and Fátima, proprietors of Tailgate Café shall not be deemed accountable nor held responsible for your health and safety; if you or anyone you know gets ill, hurt, or dies (due to food allergens/products) at establishments claiming to be Tailgate Café; we strongly recommend that you contact the local authorities.

The following is a list of “CATFISH” (people pretending to be us) using our Tailgate Café business brand name (mostly Americans)—have nothing to do with us, our service, or high quality foods and products.

This listing is published to avoid any confusion concerning the original “one-of-a-kind Tailgate Café”.

If you find other Tailgate Cafe’s that is not based in Sprucedale, Ontario, Canada? please let us know so we can inform our customers and clients around the world.

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