Seat Werk

Café Seat    from $350
New foam system, Fittings, New cover
Solo Seat     from $260
New foam system, Fittings, New cover.
Pillion     from $240
New foam system, Fittings, New cover.
2-up     from $750
New foam system, Fittings, New cover.
Upgrade from Vinyl to leather     from  $120
New Vinyl Cover    from $260
Remove/Shave Foam:     from $240
Shaping, Fittings, Use original cover.
Add More Foam:    from $450
Shaping, Fittings, New cover.
Seat Pans  
unfortunately I don’t have the facilities to make seat pans.
Metal Seat Pans    from $230
blasting, black powder coat – outsourced
Metal Seat Pans     from $250
welding — outsourced
Plastic Seat Pans    from $150 hr
repair/welding — outsourced
Wood Seat Pans    from $130 hr
Re:Upholstery     from $350
of Le Para, Corbin, Mustang, Sargent, stock and other after market seats.
Foam sculpting (reshape)     from $250
I’ll add or remove layers of foam to custom fit your inseam or height.
New Foam System    from $250
Padding, my own foam support system to help ease back problems, butt sores – improves ride time and comfort.
Invisible mending    from $140
Re-stitching of ripped or open seams.
Leather seat inlays     from $250
to match your jacket, bike or club colours
Vintage Motorbike Saddles     from $800
period correct, hand-made and hand stitched.
Airhawk seat cushion     from $450
inserted into your seat, eliminates painful pressure points.
Gel pad removal    from $180
patch with new foam system.
Leather Saddlebags    from $2300
Sissy Bar Pouches    from $450
Fork Cigar Bags    from $425
Tool Pouches     from $370
Gas Tank / Handlebar Pouches     from $350
Handlebar Fringes     from $140
Foot Board Fringes    from $140
Tank Bibs     from $250
Fender Bibs     from $270
Leather Coverings    from $200
from covering crash bars to adding fringes to foot boards.
Stash compartments    from #180
added to your seat and saddle bags to hide valuables.
Sheepskin seat covers    from $80
to help reduce perspiration.
Leather Carving/Hand Tooling     from $125 hr
Sewing – Fancy Stitches     from $60 hr
Studs     from $15
Conchos     from $20
Seat Inlays     from $280
Restoration of leather saddlebags   from $150
fringes, seats, pouches, grips, etc. on vintage and classic Indian, Harley and other fine Motorcycles.

I no longer work on heated seats.

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