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zCc u s t o m – b a g s |customized leather bags |personalized purses—Le Monde d’Felbert

“c u s t o m – b a g s |customized leather bags |personalized purses |custom-made man-bag |bespoke handbags |bespoke leather bags ★ Toronto Handbag Designer+Bag-maker [leather craftsman] ★ Haute Maroquinerie d’Felbert – Handmade Leather Bags (bespoke bags//bespoke leathergoods). Bespoke Bags & Leatherwork—individually created to reflect the owners unique personality in the same tradition it’s been done since the end of the 19th century; from handbags, totes, minimalist wallets and belts to leather covered bicycles and high-end designer furniture. Felbert’s versatility, creativity and heirloom quality makes Felbert; a luxury goods brand that will be used and enjoyed several lifetimes.


The ultimate expression of personal style; the hands of [m]ihály is at the service of your dreams.

From the unique, exceptional and slightly mad bag or belt to adding your personal touch to already existing articles, MIhály working under the Felbert luxury brand is there, all year long, creating special leather articles for every kind of client; anywhere in the world.

Prices vary depending on complexity of design and materials; bags range from $2,400 – $75,000+; wallets, card holders, change purses and belts from $280 – $4,500+.

To commission an item, kindly contact Mihály or Fátima through this site or by phone (417) 700-7178.

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