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seat made to prolong ride time

custom.motorcycle.seats //  Moto-Guzzi Viper  //  My client needed a seat to ease extreme pain on his tailbone. I decided to create a divot, about 4cm down between where his sitting bones were aligned and raised his sitting […]

Chopper Seat for Toronto Show

custom.motorcycle.seats //  Custom Chopper  //  The show was 2 days away, I spent most of the time to get this seat ready for the morning of the second day; that’s when; on my last rivet; my […]

Café Racer Seat | Honda CB 750

custom.motorcycle.seats // This pancake seat fits a Honda CB 750, a project that lasted 3 years [bike photos coming] Made in the classic tuck’n’fold at 2″ ribbings, black cowhide and custom plastic seatpan. — This was […]