The Café

The Synergy between Food and Nomadic Life.

It all started in 2000 when Tailgate Café was born to rather humble and inauspicious beginning. Stranded on the side of the Trans-Canada Highway somewhere between Thunderbay and Sudbury in the North West side of Ontario. The unpretentious charpoy underneath cedars and leafless aspens became the scene for a sitting of well seasoned moose hunters, still wearing their orange outfits, the men enjoyed yet another heart warming meal dished out by the camp’s pan handler, Mihály simply set-up his kitchen on the tailgate of Uncle Reggie’s Dodge pick-up truck—the rest is history..


Pop-up Crêperie

Our Pop-up Crêperie is no glamour new-age restaurant nor a typical fast food hamburger eatery with flashing neon lights, in fact “whenever, wherever” Tailgate Café’s Crêpe cart is located, it casts a nostalgic reminiscence of typical Parisian sidewalk crêpe stand seen populating‎ Boulevard Saint-Germaine in Paris, France. This romantic environment allows you to feel more connected and open to the culture around you, accentuating the feeling of freedom and friendships. Street crêpes is perfect for travellers, commuters, partygoers and Nomads alike, in the early mornings and late afternoons, crêpes are freshly cooked, filled and wrapped In paper cones, making them a unique fast food treat..

All the ingredients Mihály uses are sourced daily from local growers and farmer markets and is prepared using home-made, stone–ground spice mixtures, so they are deliciously pungent and as natural as your beckoning taste buds can imagine but mmmm, just wait until you taste the delights of traditional French Crêpes, Sweet Jacket Potatoes as well as a few other exotic dishes from friends that may visit Tailgate Café from around the world, come and visit us whenever you feel the spirit of travel and adventure. We’ll be posting locations on our homepage once available..


Customized Motorcycle Seats

Mihály, a highly skilled leatherworker and former Rolls-Royce & Bentley Coachtrimmer can personalize, refurbish or repair your stock or custom built motorcycle or bicycle seat. Even if you’ve got a show bike seat or a custom-made seat that was poorly made that needs to be redone or some expert TLC, Mihály can help give it a new life..

Stop in and say hello (call first please), and let Mihály help you create exactly what it is you’re looking for. He works on a much larger variety of seats and saddles, from over a much longer timespan than many custom shops do. Because of this, Mihály’s is a great resource for diagnosing solutions and finding ways to fix old, obsolete or vintage seats, saddles, stools and designer chairs of yesteryear..


Leathergoods—Handmade to Order

Mihály under the Felbert luxury brand creates bags and small leathergoods that are truly one-of-a-kind, rare and utterly original. All leatherwork is handmade in the new studio-loft located just south of Sprucedale, Ontario (north of Huntsville—Highway 11 North, take Muskoka Rd 2 exit, turn left, enjoy the winding road for 20 minutes)..

Bespoke Leatherwork — individually created to reflect the owners unique personality in the same tradition it’s been done since the end of the 19th century — From a customized handbag, personalized man-bag to a tailored guitar strap and made-to-measure leather covered stair treads for a architectural project in Toronto. Mihály’s versatility, creativity and heirloom quality makes Felbert a Luxury Brand that will be used and enjoyed for many years..

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